2020 Rainbow Convoy & Pridestream

When the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded across the globe, Pride organizations around the world were faced with the challenge of how to keep the spirit of Pride alive while keeping participants safe. On Pender Island, we decided to create a a hybrid event comprised of:

  • the Rainbow Convoy featuring over 30 Pride festooned vehicles travelling a meandering route across North and South Pender Islands while groups of islanders cheered them on from safe, socially distanced roadside locations along the way.
  • the Pridestream program was live-streamed on the pender-island-pride.org website, as well as on Facebook and YouTube showing live-feeds from the convoy and locations along the route interspersed with pre-recorded entertainment segments and messages of support.

Here is an edited version of the Pridestream for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks to drone photographer Charles Schrodt, photographers Jeff Bough and Kenta Kikuchi, plus photo contributions from a host of community members, we can also enjoy this souvenir slideshow from the day’s events: