PIPS Membership

[NOTE: You do not need to be a member to participate in most Pender Island Pride activities such as volunteering on the Pride Festival Planning Committee, etc.]

The Pender Island Pride Society (PIPS) is a provincially-registered non-profit Society of British Columbia, Canada.

PIPS is the formal organization which supports and enables projects and events undertaken by and for the LGBTQ2SAI+ (& allies) community on Pender Island, including, but not limited to, supporting the Pender Island Pride Festival Planning Committee.

The society facilitates practical things like banking, budgeting, and maintaining financial records, as well as being a communications nexus within Pender Island’s Rainbow Community, and as a point of contact for the broader community. Having an incorporated society also enables us to apply for various funding opportunities, and to partner with other organizations more effectively.

PIPS members have input into setting priorities and creating initiatives to serve LGBTQ2SAI+ islanders.

Membership in PIPS is free, and open to LGBTQ2SAI+ & allies living full or part-time on Pender Island, or who have an enduring connection with the island, and who support the goals and values of the society including equality and non-discrimination regardless of gender or sexual identity.

A goal is to have as diverse a representation of sexual- and gender- identity members and directors as possible. So if you don’t currently feel your personal identity(s) is(are) reflected in the make-up of the membership or Board of Directors, please consider participating in some way, so that you and other’s like you can benefit from being part of a diverse, respectful, and supportive community organization, and have input into the future evolution of the organization.

To keep our records up-to-date, you are encouraged to be renew each year before the AGM in order to vote on motions or Board of Directors elections, or to stand for election as a Director. To apply to become a member please click the link below. You will be subsequently contacted to confirm your membership status.